Christmas Cards – Button Nose Rudolph

It’s that time of year…CHRISTMAS! So as ever, we set up a production line, and got busy.



These cards are super-easy to make, you need an old potato (check with your child first, that he’s not saving the green sprouting one for next year’s planting, OH YES there were tears) – the potato printing is great, as the natural texture of the spud creates a great ‘fur’ effect!


We raided the button-box for red buttons for Rudolph’s nose and once the potato printing was dry, we glue-gunned the red button nose, and googly eyes in place… adding some Rosemary twigs for antlers to finish them off – you like?

Christmas-Card-Hangout-RedTedArtYou may also like our Stained Glass Christmas Cards, and to watch the google+ hangout which was hosted by @RedTedArt here: and Maggy’s fabulous round-up with LOADS of ideas from some amazingly creative blogs including some from peaklepie here: christmas-card-ideas-for-kids.


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