Delta Force paintball fun

So thirteen yeas on, and struggling to find original birthday party ideas?
Firstly, what? A mother of a teenager?

Now I’m over that… I still have to bake a cake and organise some fun because even though he’s thirteen now, he’s still my baby and expecting to be pampered! So I’m handing the blog over to him to tell you what we got up to….

paintballing-KidsChaos-DeltaForce_helmetTHIRTEEN YEAR OLD WRITES:

“last weekend for my 13th birthday I went to to Delta Force‘s amazing paintball experience with my friends. I went having heard about how epic it was from my younger 11yo brother as he had been for his friend’s birthday.paintballing-KidsChaos-DeltaForce_teamHe described it as one of the ‘best experiences ever’, and when I got there it totally lived up to my expectations. It even surprised my Dad at how fun it was to run around splattering people with bright paint. We went to six different areas and played two games in each of them, my personal favourite was the Berlin Wall where there is a massive wall and sniper towers on each side. We played capture the flag witch was fun and really exhilarating (and my team won!)paintballing-KidsChaos-DeltaForce_paint-splat

I also really enjoyed speed-ball which was a barren wasteland with only barrels to protect your team; speed-ball was a ‘last man standing’, and although our team lost it was really funny because my dad threw a paint bomb (for 18s and over only) into a building and sparks came out through the window then a wave of red paint and finally a long trail of people trudged out of the building covered head to toe in paint.

With or without the paintbombs, Delta Force is an amazing paintball facility were you can experience hours of tireless fun and I would really recommend it to everyone. :D”

paintballing-KidsChaos-DeltaForce_entranceIt’s quite some organisational feat – and located in some beautiful countryside… I had a chat with the venue manager in Surrey, he told me that Delta Force entertain over 600,000 kids each year!
There was a good mix of boys, and girls playing on the Saturday morning, from age 10 up, and for smaller kids, they offer mini ball at selected centres for kids aged 8-10 years old; featuring lighter, less powerful equipment and halved playing times – all in all a great day out, if a little wet and muddy! Nobody seemed to mind the weather though, and they can’t wait to go again!

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