Egg Dude – quick Easter craft

KidsChaosToiletEggDudeChaos writes: Eek, last minute request from small child, “Mummy – quick, I need to make an Egg character for school” – so, all his own thoughts, and creation, including the bottle-lid cap on backwards, and the techdeck skateboard! He’s even pretty handy with the glue gun too – and ran around to our lovely neighbour to borrow a Turkey Baster (video with said neighbour demonstrating!) to blow his egg in style!

Obviously, you could paint or decoupage your egg, however, he was “in a rush Mummy” – love him.

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5 Comments to “Egg Dude – quick Easter craft”

    1. chaos Author

      Aww, I’ll show 8yo your comment, he’ll be so pleased! #EggDude is just about to skateboard into school, to do some stunts (or jump up onto the table with all the other eggs on show!)

    1. Ali Clifford Author

      thanks for inviting me to link up Melinda – what a fabulous collection!


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