Flutter those lashes

Chaos writes:

Half term fun with Fimo – how simple is this! On the way back from the Canal Museum this week, we called into my all time fave shop (well, I was an art student, what do you expect….) And 9yo picked himself a couple of pressies (for being good all week….) – Three packets of Fimo, and some googly eyes!

The chap in the London Graphic Centre at Charing Cross was such a sweetheart too, he kindly offered to bubble-wrap 9yo’s plaster cast of the canal bridge plaque he’d made at the Canal Museum. #hero

We positioned the eyes, took a photo, removed the eyes, baked the characters in the oven, and with our trusty glue gun, stuck them back on, using our photo for position-reference! – Job done!

2 Comments to “Flutter those lashes”

  1. These are so cool! And thanks so much for mentioning the great service you got, that’s always fabulous to hear and we’ll pass it on to the guys instore. Have a great weekend!

  2. chaos Author

    Thanks Sophie, and 9yo was beaming when I told him you’d re-posted the photo onto your facebook page! :>> http://on.fb.me/TtLV9l Yes, do pass on the feeback to the store. Excellent service 🙂


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