Lolly Stick Bi-Planes

A nice quick and easy craft for you today… you need five recycled ice lolly sticks for each plane (that’s a lot of lolly-licking – you CAN buy popsicle sticks in bulk though!)

The first bi-plane we made used the old fashioned ‘dolly pegs’ or clothes pin, and some lego bricks and wheels…



8yo said this was ‘cheating’ so we tried a normal clothes peg and sliced a cork into three, creating wheels, using a tooth pick – very satisfying!

Now, these were really quick to make, as we used our trusty glue-gun, so super-speedy, so if you’d like to get MORE from this craft, get painting, and adding some stickers maybe?… let’s see your Spitfires! (no – I am not sponsored by Shepherd Neame)


We had quite a lot of fun trying to photograph the peg planes flying high, in the sky…!

hung out on Google+ for a bit of a vlog… with some craft buddies to share these peg planes, hosted by the ever lovely Maggy from Red Ted Art who showed us four crafts including her Lollipop traffic light biscuits which are featured in her book. Another great lolly stick craft here from Craftulate – popsicle sticks and magnets! Pop back later for more links to Aly Hodge, Anthea, Kelly, Liz‘s lolly stick boats, and Rebecca. Maggy’s other feature crafts were superhero-puppets and spiderwebs.
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16 thoughts on “Lolly Stick Bi-Planes

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  2. I can’t get over how simple and epic these are.I have some rusty pegs that we can use when we make these.

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