Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan for ‘Big School’

Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan for ‘Big School’

For as long as I can remember, our eldest son has been pestering us for a mobile ‘phone.

We have resisted by telling him that he cannot have one, in fact does not need one…until AT LEAST he is at secondary school….

Nokia Lumia 520 CyanWell, that came around quickly… September was looming, so we started to look around for an affordable ‘phone for him. And found this Pay as you go on Three and a rather funky Nokia Lumia 520 Cyan perfect for ‘Big School’ (I’m guessing I will not be allowed to refer to it as big school anymore right?) So the plan is to get that for him for September as promised.

Anyway, end of Year 6, and the school takes the class of 28 children off to France for a week, and what does 11yo do a month before he is due to board a ferry? He leaves his MP3 player in his jeans’ pocket and ummm, I washed them, in the washing machine…And, yes, it no longer works.

And the poor thing was beside himself! “How can I listen to music on the coach trip to France?”.

So we checked with the teacher, and without the SIM card, he has been permitted to take the mobile phone away to France with him… Fingers crossed it comes back in one piece, and YES, he WILL be ceremoniously emptying every pocket before ANYTHING goes into the washing machine this weekend! And watch this space for a new Instagrammer – he can’t wait to get started 🙂

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