Out in the garden…compost treasures

Chaos writes:

Out in the garden this morning before school, grabbing some compost for the little Papiermâché seedling pots pictured below.KidsChaosCompostTreasures

And look! (actually, look away now if you’re squeamish about worms… oh, too late…)

There was a potato growing deep at the bottom of the hotbin compost bin! I’ve pulled him out, and re-planted the little spud, how exciting – looking forward to harvesting them later in the year 🙂 #composttreasures

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2 Comments to “Out in the garden…compost treasures”

  1. Well that’s unusual. We would normally expect a potato to breakdown within a week of so. It probably slipped down into base and avoided the hot compost zone.

    1. chaos Author

      Hi Tony,
      I wonder if that’s what happened? It’s curious… and was quite a surprise amongst the worms! Did you see Which Home had written an article about strange objects found in City compost? All sorts of cutlery!


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