We are pretty lucky to live within a half an hour drive from Chessington World of Adventures, and it’s always been high on the list of favourite treat places for our boys to visit during the summer months. My Mother has fond memories of the Zoo from her own childhood, so it’s always been somewhere we have visited as a family.

KidsChaos-ChessingtonThis year has been no exception, and was TOP of 8yo’s birthday list for his ninth birthday recently, so as we were lucky enough to receive some tickets as a gift, we took a party of children aged 6-9yrs as a joint birthday treat.

We arrived at 10am, and there was very little queuing to get through the gates, so we headed straight to Hocus Pocus Hall – a big favourite, which set us up nicely with giggles, and ghoules, and cries of *Let’s go round again!*.

KidsChaosZufariGiraffeThe sensible Dad of the party had visited the Chessington website to plan the day, as there are height restrictions on some of the rides. So I took my slightly taller 10yo boy onto Rattlesnake (my ride of the day – we laughed so much on this one!) whilst the slightly shorter kids enjoyed Bubbleworks.

KidsChaosZufarijeepThe park is divided into areas, Wild Asia being popular with our party, Kobra and Monkey Swinger received MASSIVE votes, and were visited several times during the day.

Scary ride for me is the Dragon’s Fury (which everybody but me LOVED) and a new area for 2013 we’d not been on previously was the amazing Zufari which took our breath away, really quite a big queue, but completely worth it for the gasps of ‘REAL RHINOS!’ from all of the kids (and me too!)

So a good day was had by all, my one recommendation would be to visit the Monkey Swinger and the Dragon Falls to the end of the day, as we got a bit wet on those!

Disclaimer, we were kindly given four of our tickets for Chessington, however the balance of our tickets were purchased here with a great group discount.

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