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Frozen Crown Craft – paper cup craft

Frozen Crown – paper cup craft

We’ve said it before, paper cups are a great asset to a store cupboard…And for no other reason that they can be VERY handy to have around for that impromptu Frozen Crown making session – what better way to spend an afternoon, making paper cup crowns, and then sitting down to watch the Frozen film on DVD!

Stage 1 Paper Cup Crown

You will need:

Paper cups
Alice band


1) Cut a series of triangles around the rim of the paper cup.

2) Turn the cup to sit on it’s base, and glue the pom-poms onto each point of the triangles.

3) Using the scissors, push two holes into either side of the base of the paper cup.

4) Thread the Alice band through the holes, and WEAR with pride! (seen here modelled by our Italian student Marta!)

Stage 2 Paper Cup Frozen Crown
Paper Cup Frozen Crown

Paper Cup Frozen Crown

For more quick and simple paper cup ideas, check out our W is for Whale and Red Ted Art’s pom pom party poppers!

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