FREE printable Witches hat patternwitch's hat template
witches hat template 1 - 4
1) Cut two ‘doughnut’ shaped rings (we draw around a tea plate) alternatively, you can print this page out twice! this will be your brim. 

2) and 3) Fold the circles in half gently andcut out the centre of the circles (we used a coffee mug as a template)

4) Using a dinner plate as a template,cut out about 3/8ths of the circle to create a ‘curved triangle’ which will be the cone shape of the Witch’s hat) (see page 2 of the attached PDF for template) Cut slits about 1,5cm up into the curved edge of your ‘triangle’

witches hat instructions5) and 6) Pop cone into the 1st doughnut, and turn back the slits and glue to the underside of the brim.

7) Glue the second doughnut shape to the first brim to make it look like a nice tidy witch’s hat!

You can add elastic to the hat to make a little under the chin strap to hold the hat on to your head, or if you are using on the paper pom-pom we’ve made here, push the string through the top of the hat, the cone will have left a small natural hole in the very point of the witches’ hat.

Halloween-witches-hat-template-page-1-and-2-Kids-Chaos-1Click here >> to download your FREE printable Halloween witches hat template page 1 and 2 © KidsChaos.com it’s a fab witches hat pattern! and here for the Witch Pom pom face

If you have a thing for giant paper pompoms, click here to see our crepe paper version, with raindrops!

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