Monster Craft Ideas to make from your Kids’ Art

Chaos writes:

What do you do with all of your children’s art, how can you preserve them as keepsakes?


My 10 yo is always drawing little mono monsters and aliens, so was delighted to be able to preserve his latest creation…. In the form of a 3D towelling monster alien!

We took the drawing, folded it in half, traced over it, onto a large piece of broadsheet newspaper.

Cutting around the shape, we then pinned our newspaper template onto the doubled-over towel, and cut and sewed around the edges. Leaving a corner un-stitched for stuffing the Towel Monster.

We turned the monster, inside out, and used ripped up shreds of plastic carrier bags we had in the cupboard (saving them from landfill!)  – He is safely the favourite ‘plush toy’ at bedtime now, and has been on a round trip of the UK to visit various grandparents already! Don’t forget your toothbrush! TowelMonsterKidsChaos


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AND then we had a google hangout hosted by Maggy at RedTedArt who talked about ideas for making Easter decorations to hang from her Easter Tree (as featured in her new book!).

We were also joined by Anthea Barton Zing Zing Tree with her Glass Paint jars, Adele Crozier’s Playful Learners Artwork Bunting, Missie Lizzie’s Bubblewrap keepsake (wow!), Aly Hodge at PLUS 2.4.I who embroidered her children’s drawings, Anna Ranson from The Imagination Tree’ Eric Carle Initial Art, The Fairy and the Frog’s Father’s Day Card, Stephanie Stanesby, and Helen Newberry.

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18 Comments to “Monster Craft Ideas to make from your Kids’ Art”

    1. chaos Author

      thanks Adele, it’s great eh? He’s even going into school on Friday as part of a science ‘black hole alien’ project!!

    1. chaos Author

      thank you Chris, such kind Welsh-Words! 🙂 have fun – we look forward to seeing your results! x

  1. Sonya Cisco

    Ooh, fab idea! We have been making felt plushes of video game characters lately, but I love the idea of making something from my kids imagination come to life!

    1. chaos Author

      thanks Sonya, he’s so chuffed with his character, he somehow ‘wove’ it into this term’s school project about black holes…. don’t ask!

  2. This is such a neat idea! I would love to preserve some of my son’s cool monsters and aliens this way. It seems easy enough to do, even for a non-crafty person like me.


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