The quickest pancakes in the history of the universe

Woah… try this, take one Fairtrade banana, mush it up with a fork, add two free range eggs, mix vigorously…for this quick pancake recipe
quick pancake recipeMelt butter in a little non-stick frying pan (ooh, you know how much I ‘heart’ my little orange Le Creuset (this is not a sponsored post!)…


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12 Comments to “The quickest pancakes in the history of the universe”

  1. Just tried this – delicious! (Not just for the little beans..). Now can I make the pizza dough in a Kitchen Aid now my bread maker is on the blink …?

    1. chaos Author

      Glad you enjoyed, I just had one for breakfast! (I’m going to look like an egg soon…) Hmm, not sure about the Kitchen Aid? Does it have a ‘setting’ for dough? The bread maker takes on the kneading bit I’m thinking…eek, not sure Nicky!

    1. chaos Author

      🙂 ah, thanks for having me! 🙂 I’m on twitter too now, so give us a swift kick when you do the next one! xx


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