So, this weekend 9yo and I had the night to ourselves… He invited a girlfriend over, and we had a #SmurfFest! The two of them built a lovely atmospheric fire in the hearth, and we snuggled down under blankets on the sofa and were in Smurf Heaven for the evening… I’ll be honest, it didn’t sound like my kind of dvd film, but I went with it, and we watched The Smurfs, and then The Smurfs2 – I actually loved them both, hilarious and for those of you, like myself, who’ve not seen the first film, I was surprised –  it’s a hybrid live-action and animated family comedy. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the Smurfs out of their village, they’re forced through a swirling blue (of course) portal, out of the safety of their Smurf world and into the middle of New York’s Central Park. And so the adventure unfolds…Smurfs2-kidschaos-review

The Smurfs 2 continues seamlessly explaining Smurfette’s (Katy Perry) background, created in the lab by Gargamel who now plans to kidnap her to extract the formula for the magical Smurf essence which Papa Smurf used to make her blue. Once he has the secret, Gargamel plans to build a wee army of Naughties, to help him take over the world.
Christina Ricci voices Gargamel’s naughty daughter Vexy who is charged with manipulating Smurfette to gain her trust….  I won’t spoil it, however, we all three loved it, and I would recommend a night in for your own #SmurfFest – we even drank smoothies from wine glasses, and sliced up a Mars Bar for a posh chocolate treat 🙂 Sophisticated!


The Smurfs 2 out on Blu-ray and DVD December 2nd.

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