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How about a Tin Can Savings Tin?

With Father’s Day looming, we decided to do something a bit different for Dad and as one of his foibles is collecting coins. *Saving* £2 coins in piles around the house, particularly on shelves… So we came up with a genius tidy-up plan…tin can fathers day savings

We decided to tidy up the favourite shelf for Mr.KidsChaos, our bedroom mantle piece.To assist with the tidying, we made him some Savings Tins, and they look nice too don’t you think?

Can we call this photo a #Shelfie?
Our bedroom ‘Shelf’ is often very cluttered, with our favourite wedding pressie painting from Jill Barker & Jonathan at Middlewick, and the odd pair of his daft colourful sunglasses. His collection of coins tumble constantly, as they get knocked and fall to the floor and it makes me go a little crazy!!

FREE printable tin can printThe kids decided he needed somewhere to save his £2 coins, and told me what the text should read on the tin cans. They picked the colours, and I designed the graphics. Bonus is, you can print these off and do the same thing too, for FREE!

Simply print them off here, and trim them out, and glue them on to your clean tin cans.

Don’t tell him, but I often BORROW the odd coin when we’re dashing off to Martial Arts club, or Cubs…. Sssh, he never reads this anyway, he’ll NEVER know. Perhaps if he saves enough, I could BORROW some of it for a bit of Bathroom DIY…watch this space!

For more FREE printables for tin cans, click here for a fun game for the summer – kick the can.

For more FREE Father’s Day Printables, try our Monster Truck card and Jigsaw Puzzle Cards.

And other uses for bean tins, and soup cans can be seen over on A Greener Life For Us, using up old paint to make plant and pencil pots click here.

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Fimo-Moustache-Jewellery-2-KidsChaos Fimo-Moustache-Jewellery-3-KidsChaosFimo Moustache jewellery

I’ve been using Fimo as a modelling clay for a very long time – back to my Art Student days when I was making rather scary necklaces, with big spiky teeth!

And the husband is bit of a moustache fan, so we decided to make him a Mustache badge from fimo, for a little stocking filler for Christmas.Fimo-Moustache-Jewellery-1-KidsChaos

You will need:

Kitchen knife
Grease proof paper

Position the template on the fimo, and cut around with the knife.

Place the fimo onto the greaseproof paper and bake in the over for 25 minutes at 120 degrees.

When cool, glue a jewellery brooch back attachment (or safety pin) to the back of the moustache to create a brooch…

Moustache-Jewellery-KidsChaosclick this link to download the template Moustache Jewellery KidsChaos

Another fab idea is to take the Moustache brooch, and pin it to the front of a folded card, and get your child to draw a face to go with it! I’ve attached another Happy Birthday template KidsChaos template to illustrate just what I mean!

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Robotic Anki Drive race cars powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

My new favourite Futuristic Toy! Launching this Wednesday at Apple Stores in the UK, the Anki Drive racing game was created in 2010 by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute graduates and robotics experts using the same criterion as Google’s self-driving cars.Anki Drive robotic race cars

The cars and the race mat (and the packaging for that matter) are beautifully designed. Pictured here is the yellow ‘KOURAI’ who has his own personality type, and as one of my friends pointed out on Instagram tonight, has a look of the Batmobile about him… Probably due to Boris Sofman, Anki’s CEO’s astute involvement of none other than Batmobile and Iron Man‘s facemask designer, Harald Belker.

So, grab your iPhone, iPad or iPad mini and pick a car! The player can race others cars that control themselves (AI) which spookily respond and adapt to the real player. As you get started racing (either solo with the AI or with friends) the cars’ technology realises where they are on the mat, and navigate the course (without falling off the track, which I do recall with some painful memories of the scalextric slot cars we had constantly falling off the track).

My boys love playing Mario Kart on the Wii… so I can’t wait to get racing with the Anki Drive with them – driving these funky miniature, AI robotic cars with bonkers personalities and upgradable armoury! (and even better, when you’re finished playing, you just roll the racing mat up and store it in its box!)

So watch this space for a review from the boys… I’ve had a great morning playing with these Anki Drive race cars, and I know what Mr. KidsChaos is getting for Father’s Day!

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SmartFlex Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Well, it’s not often I bang on about technology is it? I have to say though, after a month or so of using my SmartFlex Card Case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 I have to tell you…SmartFlex Card Cases for Samsung Galaxy S 4

You ALL have to get one of these! How many times do I drop my phone on the floor? (Every other time I am juggling bags, and front door keys) and HOW many times do I shout *Has anyone seen my Oyster Card?!!* JUST before I leave the house to jump on the Tube…KidsChaos-Phone-cover-review-back

I love that I can just keep my Oyster card in the back of the ‘phone case, and if I’m out on the town, I can pop in a credit card or some ‘folding-money’ (can’t say that without singing the Fall‘s f-olding money).

So I actually have Britmums Live to thank for this case. The lovely people at Speck Products popped an iPhone 5 case in my goody bag last year, and were sweet enough to swap it for a SmartFlex case for my Samsung Galaxy S4. Thank you Speck and Britmums 🙂 It’s an *ace case*…

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A nice quick and easy Father’s Day Monster Truck card for you to download, print off, and add your own touch with these slices of cork… any excuse for another glass of wine eh?!



Simple to do… take a couple of different sized corks, I used a champagne cork, and a wine cork…

Using a carving knife (careful!) slice the corks into Monster Truck ‘wheels’ and stick onto the card, one for the back, one for the front wheel…

Click here for our other VERY popular Jigsaw piece printable Father’s Day card, so you can have one of each!


click here to print the Monster Truck> Printable www_KidsChaos Cork card FathersDay


We had previously used slices of corks for wheels on our bi-plane pictured here…click the image to read more about THAT craft too!

hung out on Google+ for a bit of a vlog… with some craft buddies to share these cork crafts, hosted by the ever lovely Maggy from Red Ted Art who showed us several cork crafts, some CUTE Knights and Santas including printed bunting in her book. Pop back later for more links to AntheaKellyLiz, The Fairy and the Frog, and Rebecca.
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Chaos writes:
KidsChaosJigsawPuzzleFrankensteinSo – the challenge to MAKE something with spare jigsaw puzzle pieces… And I think we’ve cracked it with these greetings cards. The shape of the puzzle piece with the ‘sticky out bits’ inspired us to think of Frankenstein’s monster, with the bolts in his neck, so we drew his body attached his head, with some googly eyes and requisite ‘scars’ and away you go! Ideal for a Father’s Day card, or a MONSTER Birthday card .
KidsChaosJigsawPuzzleAnniversaryCardA second idea is a nod to the two parts of the puzzle making ONE, so it’s great for an anniversary, or wedding card. And equally adding a third piece for a new baby card!
And I’ve created FREE printables here for you:

Printable-KidsChaos-Jigsaw-Valentines-DayVALENTINE’S DAY CARD

Printable-www_KidsChaos-Jigsaw-cards-FathersDayKidsChaosJigsawPuzzleG+A few crafty types came together on Google+ to discuss our jigsaw puzzle craft idea – watch it here. You’ll also be able to see our host Maggy Woodley’s Coasters, Fridge magnets, trees, snowflakes and trees; Crystal’s Brooches, Kelly’s bird puppets, Lizzie’s Family photo keyrings, Anthea’s puzzle resin crafts. If you’d like to see MORE ideas for Father’s Day click here. And more MONSTER crafts here.

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Chaos writes:

Oh how I struggle to throw anything away, particularly, if it’s small and sweet like these tiny pencil stubs I’ve been squirreling away for some time! What to do WITH them? 10yo came up with this bright idea…A key ring for Father’s Day in the shape of D for DADDY.



You DO have to use a saw, so be careful and ‘get an adult to help’ – but seriously, this craft is SO photogenic, we couldn’t help but take LOADS of pictures!

The beauty of embedding the pencil ends into the Fimo (which we then baked for ten minutes) is that you can push them down to level-off the pencil ends so that you don’t have to panic too much if the sawn-off stubs are not the same height. We also used a hot-glue gun to make sure the key ring stands the test of time in Daddy’s pocket. As Maggy suggested, this would also work as a coaster, so we’ll keep sawing!  Something for his birthday in August 🙂


KidsChaosyoutubeThis craft featured on a youtube google+ hangout hosted by Maggy Woodley at Red Ted Art and also featured Lizzie from Me and My Shadow, Anthea, Kelly, and Crystal (links to follow) click the picture to watch us!

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