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 We love a nice bit of rainbow bunting in our house…. oh, and a sewing machine. One that works anyway….(frowns in the direction of redtedart)

rainbow buntingSo I had this idea to make some colourful paper bunting with some left over paper triangles (don’t ask, I can’t bear to throw ANY scrap of paper away – even if it IS destined for the recycling!) And rainbow bunting sprung to mind… Avoiding the typical rotation of the triangles, we went with sewing down the MIDDLE of the triangle – and there you have it!


This is perfect for 17th March – St Patrick’s Day in our neck of the woods – if you fancy a #StPaddys party – would be a great decoration!

If you’d like to see some more fabulous #rainbow crafts, and #Stpaddys crafts – check out the #getyourcrafton challenge here.

rainbow craft google plus hangoutAlso, Maggy, Anthea, Liz, Kelly and I were in a google + hangout recently discussing various rainbow crafts, and you can watch us in all our glory by clicking here.

If you like any of these images, and would like to keep them to remind yourselves to make some later, do PinIt 🙂

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So what’s this hashtag? #GetYourCraftOn I hear you ask? Well St Patrick’s Day is looming – and we want to see you ‘get your craft on’ 🙂

get your craft on St Patrick's DayI’m fairly new to Instagram – and I’m loving it, so I have teamed up with fellow writers Red Ted Art, Me and My Shadow, Zing Zing Tree and Domesticgoddesque to share some insta-fun, and find new instagram accounts to be amazed by with this ‘get your craft on’ project. Kelly recently got the #getyourcrafton ball rolling with the #Hearts themed #GetYourCraftOn (click here: to see all of the amazing posts on her linky…)

So – every month there will be a craft challenge on a theme, and now it’s my turn to be the host… you’ll have two weeks to get involved. Share your photos on Instagram, or over on Twitter, using the hashtag #GetYourCraftOn, add your link to the linky below, and we’ll pick the best ones to feature here on the host blog the following month. (and on our Pinterest board too) So when has picked her faves we’ll update the link!

The photos you share do not have to be of the finished article – let’s see your work in progress as well as your completed masterpieces! (here’s my rainbow bunting!) Anything related to the #StPaddys topic. Just tag them with #GetYourCraftOn and follow and tag us too if you’d like to! Our team’s five Instagram accounts are:

@incredibusy (that’s me!), @redtedart @domesticgoddesq @bluebearwood & @missielizzie

#getyourcrafton selectionThis Second Challenge is an easy one: #StPaddys – so everything related to St Patrick’s Day, Shamrocks, #Rainbows, Pots of Gold – you name it, go get your craft on! And I’ve selected a few for you to enjoy from the link ups below – do go and leave comments on the 42 below, and feel free to add your own right up until Midnight!

Pictured here are my favourite six, in no particular order:’s felt rainbow brooch,’s fimo crafts, and’s shamrock bouquet also Mrs Rowan’s Fun in a cup,’s sensory play bottles and’s baby mobile. Thank you ALL so much for supporting this, my first linky, go and see Lizzie now, as she’ll have the next #Getyourcrafton for us all to join in with! 🙂

If you like any of these images, and would like to keep them to remind yourselves to make some later, do PinIt 🙂

Ali also blogs over on and is a new lover of Instagram too… pop over and say hello!

CLICK HERE for June’s #Getyourcrafton – #ZooCrafts this time!!

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