Creating A Stylish But Functional Playroom: 5 Key Tips

Creating a playroom can be a great way to help create a space in your home for your children to enjoy their toys and activities. There are a few ways to help ensure you and your children get the most out of the playroom you create. To help you get started, we’ve put together the following tips and inspiration for designing the perfect playroom that’s both functional and stylish.


Adding Customizable Features

Incorporating customised features in the design and decoration of your playroom can help to make your children feel more like the space is really theirs. This not only helps them to enjoy it more but also can create a sense of responsibility, which can help when it comes to dealing with problems such as tidying up and maintaining the space. Consider elements such as customized wall murals, or customized neon wall signs from Echo Neon to combine customised art and lighting in one.

You can customize using your kid’s names, or a phrase or song lyric that has meaning to you and your family, for example.

Effective Storage Solutions

It can be very easy for playrooms to end up looking chaotic and messy without the right kind of storage solutions to help keep toys organized and neat. Think carefully about the right kind of storage solutions that would work for the space you are creating the playroom in. For example, wall-mounted storage solutions, or integrated storage design such as benches or fold-away tables spaces. Consider which items you might want to have out on display or which ones you want to have stored away out of sight when they’re not being used.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Involve your Kid’s Input in the Design

Where possible, it’s a good idea to try and incorporate your kids in the design of the playroom to help make sure they are able to enjoy it as much as possible and be proud of their space. Allowing their input can help the playroom to reflect their personalities and interests, and provide them with the opportunity to be creative and problem solve. You can ask for their opinions on aspects such as color schemes, design themes, and different areas in the playroom such as arts and crafts or music zones that reflect their interests.

Using A Theme

Basing the playroom on a theme is a great idea to help create a room that incorporates the personality and interests of your little ones. It also helps to create cohesion when adding different design elements to your plans. Some great ideas for themed playrooms include designs such as under the sea, wildlife safari, or a favourite film or character. You can find inspiration for themed playrooms online and helpful design elements to make them work. Adding elements such as wall murals can help incorporate the theme and can either be completed by hiring a local artist or by yourself if you’re blessed with artistic skills.

Creating Zones

Creating zones within a playroom can help to make the space work more effectively and keep toys organized and easy to find. Using furniture can help to section off different zones and can double up as storage space such as bookshelves or toy box storage.

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