Easy Teacher’s gifts for kids to make


Tetra pack walletThe boys wanted to MAKE something for their teachers this Christmas, and LOVED these wallets my sister had made for them for their birthdays earlier in the year, so we’ve been saving our wide 1 Litre Tetra Pak cartons, and got busy!

All you need is a sharp pair of scissors and you’re ready to go… Make sure the carton is totally clean. Fold the carton flat so that it has gussets down both sides (see photo).
Cut the bottom off the carton. And at the top too, and cut the three centimetre deep panels into both the sides, cutting the ‘front’ into a curved flap-shape.

Fold the pack in half again, width-ways, up to the point you have cut down 3cm for the sides, and fold the back and front flap-shape over so that it starts to look like a wallet.

Open again slightly, and the panel (back) that you have not cut into a curve then tucks into the front section.

Add some velcro and your upcycled purse is ready to go. If you’d like to WATCH me make one of these, check out the Netmums Craft video here where I was joined by Maggy, Lizzie, Kelly and Anthea. “Bloggers get Crafty – Teacher gift ideas”

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