Guess the celebrity – children’s drawings

Guess the celebrity – children’s drawings

In this era of technology led creativity for our kids, we should totally embrace our own children’s drawings. Start them really young, with big fat crayons for their little hands, and water based paints in the garden in the sunshine – get them drawing!

SunLife-Guess-the-celebrityMy earliest memory of my own kids drawing a PERSON – a recognisable figure, was in the bath with bath crayons (totally the best early birthday gift from friends).

My son clearly drew a figure, a round face, with arms sticking out where the ears should be, but totally a ‘person’ and it was that relaxing time in the bath that engaged and excited him to start drawing – He’s never looked back!

So when you take a trip on the train, or to a restaurant, don’t take the iPad, no… please just pack some paper, or a notepad, and a selection of pencils and pens – believe me, this is so much more rewarding, and you can even join in yourself…

I’ve taken to asking my kids to ‘draw Mummy’.

So looking, and then putting pen to paper – just like these kids have done over on this little fun quiz here – so can YOU guess who these celebrities are meant to be? Massive hints, and five more to guess over HERE 

Celebrating the blossoming creative talents of several nursery school children and challenging your artistic eye and knowledge of the latest celebrity glitterati with this fun quiz. See if you can guess who these nine celebrities are, based on the creative interpretations of toddlers! click here
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