Honeycomb Recipe with Golden Syrup

honeycomb recipe with chocolate fondueYou’ve always wondered how to make honeycomb right?

So 9yo has searched out the crunchie honeycomb recipe for us, and he made this honeycomb last night after a week of nagging to buy Bicarbonate of Soda and Golden Syrup! (be careful, it gets super-hot)

Honeycomb recipe let’s go!…(start by lining a cake tin with some greaseproof paper)

Then, melt the Butter (80g) Caster Sugar (160g) and Golden Syrup (80g) in a pan over a low heat. When melted, whack the heat up and it’ll start bubbling like crazy. Shake the pan (don’t stir; just like James Bond’s favourite cocktail) and you’ll see it start to darken, as it bubbles away – sprinkle your Two Teaspoons of Bicarbonate of Soda over the bubbles, and whisk for about ten seconds, before pouring the honeycomb mixture very carefully into your prepared dish to set. Let it sit, don’t move it or the air will drop out (and it’ll go flat!).

Instagram screengrab of Tate and Lyle tins for honeycomb recipe

When it’s cool, pop it in the fridge to set. Take photos and post on instagram…for people to click the little heart and make you happy…

KidsChaos honeycomb recipe closeup

Meanwhile, melt some chocolate in a bowl with a splash of milk, 30 seconds in the microwave, and when the crunchie crunchy honecomb has set, bop it with a rolling pin, and dunk it in the melty melty chocolate dip…. nice 🙂

Your very own chocolate fondue…This could be a great playdate activity, always fun to include the children in your kitchen activities, and a bit of a science experiment too… How does the Bicarbonate of Soda Work? It’s an alkili which gives off carbon dioxide which expands the mixture.

(now brush your teeth)

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