PC Protection: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online with Free Software

PC Protection: Keeping Your Kids Safe Online with Free Software

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More than 20 million homes in Britain have internet access in 2014 – that’s more than 80% of all homes in the UK. Parents who are concerned about online safety should remember to implement safety precautions; available for free through internet service providers.

Safe fun online

The internet is of course an excellent learning resource as well as a great way for kids to amuse themselves and stay in touch with friends. There are however some online areas that aren’t suitable for kids, and unfortunately these websites can be stumbled upon by accident.

If you’re going to compare phone and broadband deals make sure to check that your provider offers good anti-virus software as part of your internet package. You can also talk to your Internet service provider (ISP) about parental control options that can allow you to block specific websites or even put a blanket ban across certain types of content.

The importance of virus protection

Your children probably know more about computers and the internet that you do but protection from online viruses seems to be one thing that doesn’t concern them too much. If the family computer has suddenly become filled with pop-up adverts or you’re being redirected to strange websites it usually means you have some form of PC infection. Viruses are very harmful to your computer and in many cases you won’t actually know that they’ve been downloaded; a virus can be implemented into you PC simply by clicking on a link. Hackers can easily take control of your computer, steal personal and financial details, and can even remotely shut down your computer via a virus.

Ask your PC provider

Make sure to ask your PC salesperson about the types of online protection available. Most computers today should have some form of protection already installed, which will save you money and there are also online companies out there that will provide this antivirus service for free.

Online mobile devices

Remember that children also have access to the internet through their mobile phone, and safety precautions should be be taken across any devices that can be used to get online.

Parental control software is available and this will filter out harmful websites and also allow you to choose which sites to block and allow. Your (ISP) should be able to provide all parental control software and anti-virus protection for free as part of your package.

Having good online protection

Putting protection in place is extremely important and you should consult with either your PC provider or your ISP to ensure you have access to this type of software. There’s no need to pay an arm and a leg for these facilities if you’ve already taken out or are going to take an online package through an ISP.

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