Skylanders Swap Force Review

SOoo My boys age 9 and 10, LOVE Skylanders, what’s new…..? They have an “Intendowee” (yep, that’s what they thought it was called… bless their innocence.) And sadly, this is the thing (the Nintendo Wii) that gets ‘banned’ when behaviour is not QUITE as good as it should be in the KidsChaos household…

Skylanders Swap Force Kids Chaos review

So imagine my delight when the new Skylanders Swap Force arrived on our doorstep – great! And yes, the behaviour this last week has been impeccable in anticipation of trying it out for size. We even had the camera handy when they were pulling the packaging off – oh their faces!!

I asked them to ‘review’ it for me, and so they did.

So, to explain their review-methodology….At school, when they are reviewing/critiquing their young colleagues’ work, they use the method of “Two Stars and A Wish” – 10yo asked if that would be OK, and hoped that nobody would mind the “Wish” (which essentially, is the one “positive” thing they’d wish for to improve the product in question… )

Skylanders-review-KidsChaosThere were lots of “Stars” compliments – which included the much-improved graphics compared to the original Skylanders (he hoped that Skylanders wouldn’t mind him saying that)… the fact you can now JUMP, measured very highly, and both boys agreed that it’s brilliant that you can create LOADS of their OWN characters by swapping heads and bodies. There have been certainly a LOT more playdates at our house this week, and all of the kids have been massively enamoured (once the homework has been finished clearly…).

Which leads us to the “Wish” – They would like to be able to play with more than two players, and hope that the “Portal of Power” will soon be available with enough room for four figures please… that said, they’ve all played beautifully, encouraging their friends, and have shared so nicely, that the Wii may not be banned for some time chez nous!

Want to see the boys talking about their new favourite toy? Worth watching just for their excitement on opening the packaging! click here to watchnmsf2013

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