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So, with the school holidays fast approaching, we are all looking for something fun to do, that we haven’t done before…I had a flashback to a game we used to play in the park when we were small, who remembers ‘KICK THE CAN’ or ‘pom-pom-free-all’? (well, that’s we called it back in our day if you didn’t have a can!)


How to play – the basics

Someone is ‘it’, there is a ‘jail’ – and the ‘it’ person has to catch everyone and put them in the jail, and if any one of the players who has not been caught yet, can get to a designated spot (ie, a tree, or in this case a ‘can’) and shout ‘pom-pom-free-all’ as they KICK THE CAN, all of the captors are FREE!!


So, you see, you can play it WITHOUT the bean tin, or can, but I know you like to extend the fun so I’ve made you some FREE printables with a TARGET to kick, which you can, ummm, print off, and glue to your can! Oh, word of advice, the sharp edges of the cans, are, errr, sharp, (I won’t show you the photo of my cut finger) so using my trusty hot-glue gun, I whizzed round the edges to make them a bit more kid-friendly… You could also spray paint the tin, and cover with stickers for smaller children to join in the decoration fun, this ‘spins it out’ a bit, so that you have an inside activity you can do together, before you take it outside to play!

For more FREE Printables, try our Monster Truck card and Jigsaw Puzzle Cards.

And other uses for bean tins, and soup cans can be seen over on A Greener Life For Us, using up old paint to make plant and pencil pots click here.

KidsChaosNetMumsKickTheCanHolidayGooglePlusHangoutSo, as you know, I’m on a weekly panel of crafty So-and-So-s invited to ‘hang-out’ on Google+ by the every lovely Maggy Woodley at Red Ted Art. This week this was hosted by Maggy AND Netmums.

I hung out on Google+ for a bit of a vlog…with some craft buddies to share these holiday fun ideas, hosted by the aforementioned ever lovely Maggy from Red Ted Art who has pulled all of these together in a *Boredom Buster* post. Also present were Anthea with her Kids’ storage shelves and fabulous bird masks, Kelly‘s amazing paper plate dreamcatcher, Liz and her corks, and newbie to crafting, Rosie! Pop back later for more links soon.

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