Board Game review – Bridget

As a family, we like to play games together… we like the classics (of my youth)… Monopoly, Connect 4, and anyone remember ‘Sorry’?

My parents always bought a new ‘family game’ every year, and I’ve carried on this tradition with my own children.

pucket photoThis time last year, we bought Pucket – an amazingly fun game, you pull back the elastic to fire your wooden pucks through a gap in the middle of the board (the ‘gate’), and when all of your pucks have got through… before your opponents’, you’ve won! It’s manic, and massively funny to play. We can highly recommend this game 🙂


Now the makers of Pucket, ETGames, have a new game… it’s called ‘Bridget’ and the boys LOVE it… 11yo opened it on his birthday, they figured out the rules – taking it in turns to add the bricks to get across the board with their ‘bridges’…they insisted we took it with us to the restaurant for Birthday Supper with Daddy… and excitedly explained the Bridge Building Strategy Game to him. “A three dimensional noughts and crosses” which I seem to lose to a 9yo and an 11yo…grrr.

bridget-kidschaos-square(When not playing the official game, they use the bricks to create characters and funny faces!!)

It’s produced following the same Fair Trade principles as the production of the Pucket game, and packaged in a small organic cotton bag, perfect for taking with you on your travels, and Bridget is carefully hand-crafted in the UK – in fact, it’s quite a thing of beauty!

I’ve recommended this to several friends who have already purchased the Bridget for Christmas pressies, and my Brother in Law will certainly be getting one from us too this year!

If you can recommend any other classic games you think my family, and the boys age 9 and 11 may like – please comment below, thank you 🙂

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8 Comments to “Board Game review – Bridget”

  1. ‘Sorry?!’ Yes, I remember that! Yonks that’s dredged my memory banks, but I do! Couldn’t tell you what it’s about now though. Anyway, love the idea of these and your family tradition. Might have to nick it. We have a huge floor size snakes and ladders that the kids love and I recently bought Chinese Chequers which I haven’t seen since I was young either. Otherwise, there’s always Jenga and Bananagrams which are other faves :).

    1. chaos Author

      wow! some great suggestions there Anya, thank you! Apologies for the delay in replying, you were in my spam folder! x

  2. Wow they look fab! We love board games in this house and I love the look of those as they are a bit different. Thank you for the recommendation.


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