Many moons ago
I ran the creative department of a large UK department store. We all loved our ‘MOOD BOARDS’ – we used them in the studio, and we used them at home…folders stuffed with images of how we wanted our kitchen to look; notepads full of magazine ‘tears’ of inspirational ideas our new bathroom…

SO you can imagine my delight when I discovered Pinterest, an online version, of just that – your own mood boards, and more importantly, access to OTHER people’s mood boards – and if you don’t have a Pinterest account of your own, it’s simple to create an account!

Pin It Forward UK 2013So, I’m delighted to be part of Pinterest’s #PinItForwardUK campaign. Through this selection of excellent ‘pinners’ I’ve found some amazing blogs, and campaigners, and it’s really made me think more about my own photography, and composition too…

Read on to discover my top boards for all things ethical and creative, with upcycled crafts and DIY ideas such as A Greener Life for Us.


 I recently planned a wedding (well, MY wedding, it seven weeks!) using Pinterest, I created a board called Party Time taking inspiration for the most amazing wedding cake which I just wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for Pinterest I’m sure!


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Are you already on Pinterest and have you discovered a fabulous board you’d like to tell us about? Please share a link to your best board in the comments here so we can all take a look. And pop on over to visit Chris at Thinly Spread tomorrow for even more pinspiration as she shares her Pinterest gems.

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13 Comments to “PINspired by PINTEREST”

  1. Thanks for participating in Pin It Forward, Ali! That’s amazing that you were able to plan your wedding on Pinterest- in just seven weeks (wow!)! I’m sure it was beautiful! Your Greener board is filled with so many inspirations- I love the idea of DIY hanging vases from old recycled light bulbs, I’ll have to try this! Lauren, Community Coordinator

    1. chaos Author

      thanks Lauren, really enjoying Pinterest, it’s so relaxing, I rarely watch telly anymore! 🙂 x

  2. Emma

    I’m also a mood board fan – used to use them for my online marketing strategies! And I had a huge scrap book full for my wedding planning. Sometimes I wish I’d had Pinterest when I was planning my wedding but then I remember how much I spent anyway and I’m glad I didn’t!
    I’m on Pinterest as
    And I’m an addict! X

    1. chaos Author

      I’ve been following beachpebble for ages Emma, you’re good!
      I was so shy about telling people it was my wedding board, but now there are private boards too… which is great, my 10yo has his own private board – ghost valley, don’t ask! x

  3. HPMcQ

    What creative studio might that have been hmmmm? He he can, you imagine if Pinterest was available to us then! What joy.

    I have started a blog hope if you fancy linking up x

    1. chaos Author

      hah… it was a lovely creative studio, quite miss it SOMETIMES VHP, ooh, put the link to your blog hop here…. x

  4. Thanks for the intro lovely lady! I love your boards, so inspirational and I love what you’ve done up there with your image pin! Clever clogs!


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