Valentine’s Day Hand Hearts

Ah, this one is SO easy to do, once you start, you won’t be able to stop, and you’ll have a whole room full of them stapled together as Valentine’s Day bunting!
KidsChaos-Valentines-Day-Hands-Heart-cut-out KidsChaos-Valentines-Day-Hands-Heart
Simply fold a sheet of paper in half, and draw around your child’s (or your own) hand positioning the thumb and forefinger slightly over the folded edge of the paper – (see the red paper image here) As you are drawing the area which will become the ‘heart’ slightly curve the tip of the thumb up, so that you can see the shape of half a heart appearing… cut around the fingers, and unfold to create this lovely shape of hands holding a heart, and repeat! If you have access to a sewing machine, you could join them together to create bunting, a stapler would work just as well, or simply write your message on the hands, and pop into an envelope! #SWALK (that’s sealed with a loving kiss if you aren’t familiar with that acronym!)


Granny has had several of these hearts over the years, dated, so we can see their little hands growing in size every year…. so sweet!

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  7. Such a lovely idea – simple but effective! Really sweet to have a record of their little hands growing over the years. Makes me feel quite tear-y!

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