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Even at aged 11 and 9 the boys are LOVING this homemade advent calendar – so easy to make, all you need is some clothes pegs, a colour printer, and some colourful paper bags and you’re away! For a FREE printable sheet of the peg numbers, see below….KidsChaos-Advent

CLICK HERE for your FREE downloadable

I’ve simply filled each bag with something different for each day: from chocolate coins, lego characters, gingerbread men, and paper airplane kits (saved the more interesting bits for the weekend dates). And bonus, it works as an incentive too… They can only open the calendar after school, and only if they’ve got to school on time that day too… four days in and all going well! click here to download FREE>

I recently met up with a party of British bloggers at ‘do’ organised by Susanna and Jen from Britmums, and was lucky enough to come away with a few chocolate goodies which found there way into the bags too… they LOVED the chocolate popping candy cracker chocs, such fun!


For more advent calendar ideas, check out the round up over on and for a bit of fun, watch us in a google+ hangout where we showcase LOADS of ideas on your screen here.
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  1. Joy

    Love this Kidschaos!
    Thank you so much for sharing. I am putting it on our weekend list (all be it half way through advent! Classic in our house!) In case you are needing a weekend activity I popover to my blog and check out my Winter 2013 Free Coloring (wait y’all use a U in coloring in UK, correct?) or Colouring Book. I draw a one every year for my family and friends and this year I decided to make it available for all! I try to have drawings for every age to entice a total family colouring session! Thanks for stopping by and also for this great site! Best, Joy


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