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What an amazing day at the Museum!

The summer holidays are LONG, unless you are REALLY organised, it's sometimes hard to think of what to do with the kids… lucky for us, we live in the 'burbs of London, so the best Museums in the world are on our doorstep… One of our favourites is the Science Museum, so when we had a look at what is on their this summer, we decided to spend a day there this week.

Energy Show

There is SO much to see, you really could spend all day there – There is an IMax Cinema too, with loads going on – and we 'took in a show' – the amazing Energy Show.

A brilliant cast, this production was funny, entertaining, NOISY (lots of big bangs) AND educational.
Methane bubbles are set alight to make massive fireballs, liquid nitrogen freezes flowers (the boys thought this was hilarious) and hydrogen rockets are fired into the audience.

The boys LOVED it, turning to beam at me, and shouting and clapping loudly to join in – I would highly recommend this to boys and girls from about 7+ – mine are 8 and 10, we took a little friend too, and had the most animated lunch conversation at the Deep Blue cafe!

(Oh and incidentally, the costume design is amazing – I'd so wear Phil and Annabella's outfits when they finish the run please!)

There's so much to see at this amazing museum – we'll definitely be returning before the end of the summer hols!

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Chaos writes:

You’ll know that we are quite fond of creativity and art in our house?
We came across this little gem in a book we picked up in a charity shop this week….How to walk through a sheet of A4 paper? You can do it, however tall you are!

Look at the illustration, notice the dotted lines.

Click here to download and print your own template (saves you getting the ruler out!)

Use a pair of scissors to cut along the lines, and carefully open the big zig-zag hole you’ve just created, and step through it!

And now the ‘science’ – by making the back and forth cuts in the A4 paper, you are increasing the length of the edges of the paper – Ultimately, you could cut a hole in a piece of paper big enough for the whole class to go through! 🙂


Oh, and I’m on too… Erm, and funnily enough onGoogle+Facebook and Pinterest! Pop over to say hello x Like it? Pin it!

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