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SmartFlex Card Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

Well, it’s not often I bang on about technology is it? I have to say though, after a month or so of using my SmartFlex Card Case for my Samsung Galaxy S4 I have to tell you…SmartFlex Card Cases for Samsung Galaxy S 4

You ALL have to get one of these! How many times do I drop my phone on the floor? (Every other time I am juggling bags, and front door keys) and HOW many times do I shout *Has anyone seen my Oyster Card?!!* JUST before I leave the house to jump on the Tube…KidsChaos-Phone-cover-review-back

I love that I can just keep my Oyster card in the back of the ‘phone case, and if I’m out on the town, I can pop in a credit card or some ‘folding-money’ (can’t say that without singing the Fall‘s f-olding money).

So I actually have Britmums Live to thank for this case. The lovely people at Speck Products popped an iPhone 5 case in my goody bag last year, and were sweet enough to swap it for a SmartFlex case for my Samsung Galaxy S4. Thank you Speck and Britmums 🙂 It’s an *ace case*…

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